Helen Walker: Passionate Reviews From Mobile Pokies Expert

Helen Walker was a Las Vegas citizen, and now she's the third head chief of Playappcasino. With her father, she was living in the suburbs of this beautiful American city.

Her father, like it's easy to guess, was a worker of a popular casino in Las Vegas, so Helen was destined by fate, to continue the career of her father. Nevertheless, she has chosen another way, of learning the legal case, in a famous Texas university of law. After graduating, and the death of her father, she has decided to move to another country, and continue, that business, which has brought happiness to her and her father.

Such a destination point has become Australia, where Helen has met, known to us James Morris, and a little bit later, John Hughes.

The decision to create a portal, which will familiarize people with gambling subtleties, has come to the heads of all represented authors, and Helen has become a writer, which will give you information more about payment methods, bonuses, and other in-game features.

HI! I'm 💋Helen Walker - Pokies Expert at Playappcasino
Texas university of law
Head Chief of Playappcasino
Favorite Thought:
"I will succeed, because I'm willing to fail more times, that you would even try"

More About Helen Walker

  • Does it easy for you to write articles on so important gambling thematic?

As for me, and as you can know from my biography, I was grown up in a gambling atmosphere, and I just know these common points from my childhood. That's true, that the gambling market is always evolving, and we are writing reviews connected with mobile casinos in Australia, but, you know, the conception is still the same, only the wrapper has changed.

  • Which kind of online casino games, you prefer the most?

Of course, it's Blackjack, because my father was a BlackJack stickman in a Las Vegas casino, and according to this fact, it was always fascinating for me, which kind of work my dad did. He was always showing me how to play and all special lifehacks, and I didn't even notice, how to become a good BlackJack player.

  • Which pieces of advice can you give to novice gamers?

Always save your funds, don't play if you feel, that you have lost a lot. Gambling was always kind of adventure and entertainment, but not the money claiming action. That's true, that you can collect some, but the main aim is to spend free time with joy.

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