James Morris: How to Be Proffessional Casino Expert

James Morris is a second Author & Chief Editor of Playappcasino portal, and he's a professional software designer and developer. James has graduated from Utah robotic university, where he was learning about robotics and artificial intelligence projects.

From his childhood, James, have a talent for gambling session, and it can be perfectly seen in his first works. James has tried to create slot machines by himself, but in a very competitive gambling market, it was extremely hard to realize. Considering this fact, and that misunderstanding, about USA gambling restrictions, James has decided to move into Australia and continue the job of his life as a professional article writer.

In Australia, he has met known John Hughes, and the third author, which will be described below.

James's main aim in his life now, is to provide, the maximum detailed information about gambling, and share his experience in this industry. And don't forget that this experience will differ from John's one because their gambling career has been grown up in different surroundings. According to it, we have asked James the same questions in order to find out his opinion.

HI! I'm 📝James Morris - Author & Chief Editor of Playappcasino
Utah robotic university
Chief Editor of Playappcasino.com
Favorite Thought:
"The distance between your dreams and reality is called an action"

More About James Morris

  • Does it easy for you to write articles on so important gambling thematic?

To tell the truth, you might think, that experienced gamblers, can easily write articles and produce maximally detailed information. Sometimes it's true, but some themes, can be extremely hard to understand, so it quite hard to create a review, which will make clear all the necessary points of it.

  • Which kind of online casino games, you prefer the most?

I like Poker, that's all because of the high simplicity of slot machines and complexity of other games. Poker is a medium-hard type of gambling, moreover, there will be an incredible chance to visit real dealer casinos, and feel yourself as a participant of land-based sessions. And don't forget about VR technologies, which are able to give you even higher opportunities.

  • Which pieces of advice can you give to novice gamers?

I Warn everyone, that gambling is a pleasant, but risky activity, which requires to be always calm and cold-minded. I recommend to everyone, to check some reviews first, or visit some portals like ours, to claim some important facts and lifehacks, which will help you in the future.

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