Privacy Policy

If you want to use our site, there will be some information you should know, in order to use our service in a correct way. First of all, all you agreeing us to transform and collect your personal information properly, according to policy points, which will be mentioned below. It also should be admitted, that you will be always informed about your personal rights, which will be active while using our website.

And don't forget about the Terms of Use rate, according to which, privacy policy was created. Due to it, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with these Terms of use, in order to avoid inconvenient situations in the future.

In the privacy policy, there will be a chance to see such points like:

  • Unique data which will be collected, and the reason for such action
  • Ways of providing claimed data
  • You can also find out how to control your information
  • How this data can be shared

Unique data will be claimed in two ways:

  • First of all, the information, which you will notice by yourself. During gambling sessions, there might be some floating question space, where you can give the data, which will prove your identity. Here some personal data can be asked like your Email, Gender, Birthdate, and lots of other stuff to answer.
  • While using our website, some automatically working algorithms will learn about which actions you were doing in concrete situations. This point also mentioned in the privacy policy. Don't worry, only your gambling data will proceed.
  • Another important thing, that should be said is about, which technologies we are using in order to collect it.

The first thing in this topic, which will come to your mind is that unique data from your device can be claimed. Sometimes it can be just a model of your gadget insights, processor model, etc., version of the operating system, and many others.

Believe it or not, but report information of your device can be also used. Such report files called logs will present our data, which will be analyzed, and will make your gaming much better. Such info can be claimed like: fatal errors, which can be occurred, settings of your gadget, URLs, Cookie files, type, language, and protocol of an internet browser you are going to use.

Information, which is stored locally on your gadget, can be also collected by us, using cache files, web-storages, and many others.

Don't forget about the opportunity, to get information about your current location, by using novice technologies, mostly internet protocols.

Your gadget can be also identified by allowing cookie files, the main aim of which, is to collect all this information from your computer or smartphone. It all has been done, in order to find out, the average traffic of people who are using the service. Based on this data, we have the possibility to improve your gaming process. By the way, it's not necessary to use cookies, and you can easily turn off this function, however, some capabilities won't be available for you. Moreover, after next entering the website, your settings can be lost.

How collected info will be used

As it was said before, all the unique data about your gaming personality will be used in order to make your gaming process as convenient as it is possible. However, some more points about it should be noticed. Furthermore, passing the sign-up procedure, on our site, will make it possible to receive special Marketing emails, which will give you a better understanding of online gambling, and improve your skills. The quality and convenience of the service is also depending on this data collection. And don't forget, that no one will use your personal info without your resolution.

How to control your information

The main aim of our service is to give a straight understanding, of where the collected data will be used, according to this there will be a chance to easily delete, access, and even update the info. It means, that you can easily control the data you were mentioned, in order to keep only actual information. We think it's quite obvious that such availability will help us to produce only actual analytics.

How the data can be shared

All collected information will be used and transported to cooperating corporations for some reasons like:

  1. Firstly, this data will be proceeded by external companies and organizations, while all these corporations will be fully informed of our privacy policy, which is needed to be strictly followed, and we are watching for it. Be sure that your data will be used only for uncommercial reasons, in order to make gaming better, and according to the law. Due to it, the information won't be used for stealing funds from your wallet, or other unworthy actions, which bad corporations may use your data for. Furthermore, your personal information won't be concretely published, only for average statistics and no more.
  2. Personal facts can be processed even outside of the country where you are going to gamble from. Moreover, if the service will be sold, or for some other reason will change the head chief, you will be immediately notified, and all changes in the privacy policy will be shown as fast as possible.
  3. Some legal causes can allow us to share your personal information with other third-parties companies when such reasons occurred:
  • When the governmental request or other legal procedures are provided

  • Some inconsistencies against policy rules

  • Discovery of spam, fraud, or other technical misunderstandings

  • Protection of data

Data Holding

We are trying to retent personal information, as long as possible, until you will change it for yourself, in order to provide actual one or make it possible for us to submit legal information obligations. During the time, while your account is active, we won't use too much information except those, which correspond to the law or other reasons. Our site can be easily improved with the information collected from your deactivated accounts.

Some other stuff you should know

it's an open secret that our services are only able to visit by adult people, who are over 18 years. So we can't collect any information from adolescent users, or younger, as well it's restricted to pass the sign-up procedure. If you are not 18 years old or younger, don't even try to send your personal data, because it won't handle, and even can be used by swindlers, who can do lots of harm with such data.

It's easy to guess, if we will find any children information on our services, we will remove it as fast as it is possible. If you will have any information about such users, please contact. it also should be noticed, that you can face some third-party references, which are not under our jurisdiction, and they can claim data about you independently according to their own policies.

Differences in the privacy policy

The changes in the privacy policy are a kind of inevitable action, which is needed to keep up with the times and provide modern solutions based on your used information. We think, that it's obvious, that any differences, which will be applied to the privacy policy, will be given to you extremely fast. This novice policy will be easily accessible on the main age of the website.

Protecting your personal data account is a first priority thing to us, and our service is doing all possible actions, to avoid, accessing from non-authorized accounts, and entrances. According to this fact, only modern encryption technologies have been used to keep the information safe and easily accessible only to you.

We have done our best to provide only the most protected ways to enter and use your personal data, and we are proud, that the system is working without troubles. Furthermore, unfamiliar processes on your personal data will never collect. Third-party companies can use the info only in some algorithm, mentioned in the privacy policy when it can be done without your interaction. Be ready, that all disturbances in a privacy policy will make you know about them, incredibly fast.

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