Terms and Conditions

Believe it or not, but lots of online casino websites require to follow unique Terms and Conditions, and our site isn't an exception. Moreover, your availability to access and use lots of functions will depend on how you fulfill Terms and Privacy Policy. According to these facts, we recommend you to read these points accurately, in order to avoid inconvenient situations. Unfortunately, we are going to warn you, that if you are not an adult over the age of 18, you should immediately close the site. Some other reasons may cause the same actions.

These are those reasons:

  • You do not agree with the privacy policy
  • You are going to use our website in a restricted country
  • Using the site in locations where visiting it is permitted

If you agree with all these statements, you can easily access our website, and we wish you good luck. However, these points require a detailed review, which will be noticed below.

Age permissions

The first thing, that was said is an age restriction, which requires to enter only adult people, which have been reached the age of 18. Otherwise, some countries may provide their own gambling age which will be higher than the average world value of 18. Make sure that your age is under the allowed value of the country you are going to visit our site, from.

Info about accessing the site

Opportunity to access the site may be denied, in situations, where Terms and Conditions will be violated. Furthermore, if the fraud was serious, we won't even notice you that the access denied. Such punishments are necessary things, which have been done in order to guarantee to save gambling.

All rights reserved

What about our special rights on our website, then you need to know, that everything, which you can see on our website, beginning from text and design, ending with software and other visuals. All these points are governmentally reserved, so if you are going to try stealing something, you need to know that you are going against the law.

Third-party websites have different Terms

Prepare yourself for facing links on third-party companies' websites, in order for you to conveniently transfer through an organization's websites. Nevertheless, after clicking the link you are quitting our website, where our Terms and Conditions won't work jurisdictionally. So, before trying to enter another third-party website, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with their Terms and Privacy policy, because they may differ a lot.

Responsible gambling

It also should be said, that our website doesn't take any responsibility for your losses and other deprivations. That's all because we are not responsible for the accuracy of our information. And don't forget that this data won't guarantee 100% precision even from other websites, so, be careful.

Unavailability to use the site for commercial purposes

Our website is working in accordance with worldwide gambling responsibilities, which means that it's required to use such websites like our only for entertainment purposes. Using this website for any commercial purposes is restricted by law. All information about these points may be found on the main pages of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and BeGambleAware.

Change of Terms

Another point about Terms and Conditions, which should be mentioned is the applying of changes in these points. Be sure that, at least 30 days must be passed, before changes will come into effect. Before this time you will be actively aware according to everything, what has been changed.

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