John Hughes: A Serious Look Beyond the Gambling Fun

John Hughes is the head chief of our company. John is an economist, by his profession, which he has a degree in a London university of Economics and Politics. Now he has moved to Australia, where he is trying to write and present the most technically proved articles, about the structure of the gambling industry.

In addition, he is a professional gambler, which has started his career at the last university course. With the helping of an education friend, he has learned lots of interesting facts about the gambling sphere and even has learned how to use them. As a result, his capital has been increased massively, in a few months.

John is a complete workaholic, so it's quite obvious, that he is trying to give all of himself to work. In Australia, he has found other two chiefs of Playappcasino and has created the portal, where he can share his gambling wisdom with other gamblers of the world, especially Australian users. In an interview, we have asked some question John Hughes, which he has pleasantly answered, in order to give a clear understanding of who is him, as well, the company vector.

HI! I'm 🖊John Hughes - Author & Chief Editor of Playappcasino
California Institute of Technology
Chief Editor of Playappcasino.com
Favorite Thought:
“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.”

More About John Hughes

  • Is it easy for you to write articles on so important gambling thematic?

Well, believe it or not, but a few years ago, I can't even imagine, that I will become one of the Co-owners of a huge gambling portal, which will present actual information for ordinary players. However, these days, I am a completely different person. Gambling has become a part of my life, so it's quite easy for me to share my gaming knowledge with everyone, who wants to connect their lives with gaming.

  • Which kind of online casino games, you prefer the most?

Of course, it's slot machines, that's all because, it won't require any particular knowledge about gambling, in order to play it. Due to it, it will perfectly fit rookie gamblers, but don't be so absolute, experienced gamers will admit it too because slot machines can give the true meaning of luck.

  • Which pieces of advice can you give to novice gamers?

 First of all, I recommend everyone to be cold-minded, while gambling, because being in a hurry, won't give you lots of funds, only losses. Secondly, it will be perfect to check our articles about starting the gambling way, in order to avoid inconvenient situations.


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