Australian Gambling Laws - Overview

Believe it or not, but Australian gambling, like in other countries, has a huge history part of ups and downs. There were lots of moments, which has created Australian gambling in the form of what we know now. Separate attention should be paid to their own history of Australian Gambling laws because it has a huge impact on the industry in general. Unfortunately, Australian citizens, won't be able to play lots of gambling products, at the beginning of its existence.
Australian Gambling Laws

Page Contents:
🔎History of Initial Australian Gambling Laws
🎰Interactive Gambling Act 2001
📮The Australian Communications and Media Authority ACMA
✅Whitelisted Gambling Jurisdictions of Australia
👆How Australian Gambling Laws Affect You

🔎History of Initial Australian Gambling Laws

In 1999, The high senate of Australia was concerned about the rising of gaming popularity, as a result, the commonwealth and economic points of Australian citizens were in high danger, from words of the government. In the same year, was created a Special Committee, which will regulate several points about online gambling in the selected country, which will be mentioned below:

  • The impact and influence of Australian gambling

  • Control of access to gambling establishments, higher attention to minors

  • The compliance of gambling regulations in Australia

  • Federal legislation needs

Later in 2001, the same senate has been created a law jurisdiction, which was about restricting, Australian companies to provide their products for people of represented country, because of higher involvement of modern communication technologies. At the same time point, it was traditionally documented, that gambling laws, are located on the concrete state of the country, but not on the main legislation. All in all, the pick of gambling law forming was at the beginning of the 21st century, then Australian gambling, was more loyal to gamblers and online casino developers.

🎰Interactive Gambling Act 2001

Now in 2022, it's still the same, and the full list of laws and regulations can be seen on the main page of the Australian government, in questions about the gambling industry.

You may ask, how to play an online casino game if it's permitted to gamble in Australia? The answer is very easy. That's true, that gambling here is prohibited, according to the Interactive Gambling Act from 2001.

Nevertheless, you still can apply for an Internet gambling license, from the territory on the North. And even provide your games, outside of Australia in certain circumstances. What about other kinds of gambling games, then there are still the same points as for ordinary online gambling. So if you want to try, Bingo, Poker, and others, you need to know, that they are regulated, by every state you are going to gamble from.

📮The Australian Communications and Media Authority ACMA

Represented inspecting company, was established, according to the Interactive gambling act, in order to regulate some types of gambling games. Moreover, such a Commission was created, in order to regulate, the vast number of other kinds of online gambling activities.

And don't forget that there will be such types of activities as Slot machines, Bingo, Poker, Lotteries, Arcades, and others. otherwise, there will be only one thing, which won't be under the jurisdiction of the noticed company.

This kind of gambling activity called betting, and it is regulated by other governmental corporations.

✅Whitelisted Gambling Jurisdictions of Australia

It's an open secret, that in lots of countries, there are their own gambling commissions and regulations that are the trustworthy and legal inappropriate government. For instance, the UK has its own companies, which are legal to provide licenses for casinos and online development studios, called the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Nevertheless, other inspectors, are also valid in that country.

The same situation is in Australia, except the fact that such inspectors, will be more divided into State ones, and those, which are working on a federal basis.

All these statements mean, that there can be other companies, which have close gambling standards to the main Australian Communications and Media Authority. These inspectors are whitelisted by the main government of the country. Here is the list of Territorial commissions, which are active right now in Australia:

  • Victoria - Victorian Commission for Liquor and Gambling regulations
  • New South Wales - Liquor and Gaming New South Wales
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Tasmania - Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission
  • Western Australia - The Western Australian Department of Racing and Liquor
  • Northern Territory

That was all Territorial state commissions, which are working, only on mentioned territories, and the nearby ones. now it's time to list the federal inspectors, which will mean the total trustworthiness, of a gambling product you are going to play:

  • Interactive Gambling. As it was said before, ACMA corporation was the first and the most reliable inspector in the casino sphere, so if you will see the license from it you can play it without any risks.\
  • The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre. This Commission was created in order to regulate such things as money laundering and terrorism.
  • The Australian Consumer and Competition

As a result, customers of good licensed services can easily understand, that they are trying to play in a reliable and trustworthy establishment. Moreover, online development corporations, which have licensed by The Australian Communications and Media Authority, produce only fair games.

👆How Australian Gambling Laws Affect You

To tell the truth, the online gambling legislation in Australia is one of the most strict and trustworthy in the world. it can be even said, that the gambling market in this country is extremely regulated, so there won't be any troubles with scammers or stealing your funds, as well as personal information. And don't forget about ordinary restrictions like 18+ age of customers, and others.

In addition, before choosing an online gambling service, make sure that it has licenses from ACMA regulation company, or whitelisted organizations, which are providing similar gambling standards.

It also should be said, that your winnings in casino services, won't get any Australian taxes, so you will have a chance to claim only clean benefit.

To draw the conclusion, it should be admitted, that Australian gaming is extremely fascinating and trustworthy. If you want to learn more about Australian gambling legislation, you can visit the official government website or our detailed articles about it.


Who regulates gambling in Australia?

All things considered, betting in Australia is managed at both the State/Territory and Federal level. Every one of Australia's eight terrain States and Territories independently controls betting exercises inside every one of their particular purviews.

What is illegal gambling in Australia?

It's illicit to give some intelligent betting exercises, for example, 'online club', to somebody in Australia. Models incorporate roulette, poker, craps, online 'pokies' and blackjack.

Why is gambling banned?

The commonplace reason for against betting laws is profound quality or religion. Betting is viewed as a bad habit or a transgression in certain societies, so it is taboo or if nothing else vigorously directed.


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